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Our comprehensive audit & KYC includes:

  • Listing on CMC and CG
  • U.S. digital billboards – list on any one of 2000+ billboards in the U.S.
  • Free launch on our IDO launchpad (certified Audit&KYC required)
  • A published YouTube video reviewing the audit with the leadership team
  • Privacy-compliant, vaulted KYC details stored as per POPIA/GDPR
  • Developers’ experience check & KYC
  • Deployer wallet history and ownership check
  • Project sites and socials evaluation
  • VC with team leadership during the process as needed
  • Confirm contract specifications
  • Automated testing and preliminary code review
  • Manual testing and line by line code review
  • Minimum checks:
    • Gas efficiency check
    • Contract vulnerabilities check
    • Reentrancy issues check
    • Integer over/under flows check
    • Front running opportunities check
    • Interface / naming issues check
    • Order of execution check
    • Time component check
    • Blockhash function check
    • Exception handling check
    • Third-party integration check
    • Replay attack check
    • Short address attack check
  • Findings and recommendations
  • Post deployment review
  • Final audit report
  • Completed report: 1- 4 weeks*
  • Final audit report signed by a CCA
  • Certificate and badges stored in linked GitHub repository

* Depends on contract complexity, developer response time, number of errors found and other factors.

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