Smart Contract Audit & KYC


Get a LayerOne Certified KYC & Audit before you go live!
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Why Audit?

Project Safety

“LayerOne Certified KYC & Audit” tells everyone your project is founded on strong principles by founders that have their community members safety in mind.

Increased Value

A LayerOne audit creates a safer place for market participants to enjoy the blockchain assets you are creating and increases the value of your project in the eyes of serious investors.


Minor code flaws may result in major losses. One such flaw in a DAO resulted in the loss of 60 million dollars in ETH. A LayerOne audit can prevent that.

  Crypto Bronto  

an NFT
art born of innocence

a different kind of NFT

Crypto Bronto is a generative art collection that captures the innocence of childhood through clean lines and bright colours.

Bronto’s are family-friendly, a tiny bit goofy, high-resolution (8k) pieces with secrets that can only be seen when you zoom in (secrets cannot be sniped by rarity snipers!).

There are 10,000 in the collection and Bronto’s will be a key to unlocking perpetual payback for their holders and special creator benefits in our future NFT marketplace.

Please join us in building the most powerful crimefighting community on the planet through art!


#SafeClick tiered launchpad

building a safer place for crypto

Launchpads are crucial to the blockchain ecosystem; they ensure investors that their money is protected and that the projects they invest in are trustworthy. All projects launched will be vetted by LayerOne. Audit and KYC will be required for founders to launch through our #SafeClick tiered platform  This gives assurance to our participants that the projects are worth looking into and helps them decide if they fit their investing style.

Launching your project is free.

We strongly believe in the essence of decentralized finance and bringing opportunity to the masses.