What We Do

We work for small to medium size businesses of all kinds.

“improve and stabilize”

We help all business owners navigate the complexities of the IT and Cloud world to find cost-efficient, working solutions that improve and stabilize their day to day operations.

we solve big IT and Cloud problems one small solution at a time

“strategic assistance”

We strategically assist IT and Cloud companies by sourcing or architecting customer solutions.  We bring our experience to the table on their behalf, providing reassurance and confidence to their customer that the chosen strategy or solution will live up to their expectations.

we take on your pain so you can focus on what you do best, run your business!

“big challenges”

Businesses often have big IT and Cloud challenges. Although the size of the problem is relative to the size of the business, the problems are very real and hurting the bottom line. But big problems don’t always require big complex solutions. For years now we’ve been applying the principle of incremental solutions.



“incremental solutions”

When we use incremental solutions to help a business move to the cloud, that translates into a phased approach, moving one or a few business processes into the cloud at a time; it’s not all or nothing. It’s one small solution at a time.



“find and implement”

Some businesses have started moving to the cloud and now face the challenge of a new process that is hindering productivity, or, a process that could clearly be enhanced now that the business is using the Cloud. Finding and implementing those incremental solutions that enhance productivity is our specialty.



“but it worked before!”

So, you’ve moved your business to the cloud and now something’s broken  – “but it worked before!”

It doesn’t matter if the problem is big or small, this is where our expertise shines!

solving big IT and Cloud problems one small solution at a time

Consulting Services
for Business

    • Helping you understand your IT and Cloud requirements
    • Quote and proposal evaluations
    • Finding suitable solutions

General Services

    • Remote Worker Services
    • Office in the Cloud Solutions
    • Microsoft 365 Software and Licensing

Consulting Services for
IT Companies

    • Pre-sales engineering guidance
    • Customer reasurance, backing your solution
    • Post sales implementation technical support