Get to Know Us

It’s good to know a little about the people behind the business.  Their character can strongly influence the quality of service you can expect from their business.  So, we made the decision to “put ourselves out there” and share comments from those whom we’ve worked with over the years.

we hope these comments build confidence in your decision to engage with us

Here is a short bio of our director and senior consultant and below that are some of their career highlights.

We hope to know you better too, real soon!

Navi’s field of experience spans eight years in procurement and logistics. She has diplomas in International Procurement, Materials, and Purchasing Management accredited by Newport University and the Institute of Purchasing SA Certification Board. She handles the day to day heavy lifting that’s required of all Directors and signs all the legal stuff for us.

Navi Jones
Navi Jones – Director
Kelvin Jones – Senior Consultant

Kelvin’s broad scope of experience covers two and a half decades in IT infrastructure and Cloud. Through the University of Cape Town he is certified in IT Management and has earned over 30 information technology certifications during his career from Microsoft, Mimecast, IBM, ITIL, EMC, Cisco and others. He is Navi’s yes-man and deftly handles our customers big IT and Cloud problems one small solution at a time.

Vaughan has 25 years of IT support experience. He helps customers find solutions or improve existing systems and focuses on the most cost-effective, stable, and long term solution that meets or exceeds the customer’s requirements. His superpower is troubleshooting which fits in perfectly with what we do – we solve big IT and Cloud problems one small solution at a time.

Vaughan Lehmann – Consultant
Alfred Bortey – Support Technician

Alfred is taking calls and fixing tech! He is your go-to person for tech support. In his modern IT troubleshooting and support experience, he has seen and solved many issues that could cause you sleepless nights. He loves to help everyone understand the cause of big problems and aims to prevent them from recurring, reducing downtime and improving productivity.

After working with many people over the years, here’s what they had to say…

about our director   

…it was a pleasure to work with her…

She has superior knowledge of procurement coupled with ambition and determination.  She exceeded expectations in her post and did not waver in decisions related to working extra time as required and without seeking compenstation.  It was a pleasure to work with her and benefit from her experience.

L. Llewellyn Witherspoon  – Procurement Manager
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

about our senior consultant  

…you can trust him to be objective and professional…

I’ve dealt with him for many years and have no hesitation in recommending his services. He has managed large international IT projects and it shows.  He has in-depth knowledge of the solutions and technologies available to for the small and medium law firms so that they not only survive, but thrive.   You can trust him to be objective and professional.

Vernon O’Connell – Director
V.O’Connell Attorneys

about our consultant  

…very skilled…

He is a very skilled problem solver who thrives on complex challenges and who generates creative solutions.

CP Ships

about our support technician  

…temendous effort…

I just wanted to thank you all for the tremendous effort put into getting this campaign completed on time. We finished the last stores tonight…within the deadline. Well played Team!!

Clicks – Queue Management Systems

about our senior consultant  

…over 5,000 desktop computers…

We engaged him as a subject matter expert and highly recommended trainer. He possesses expert IT knowledge and an excellent ability to communicate effectively.  He guided the development and rollout of a complex upgrade worldwide including the deployment of over 5,000 desktop computers.  His dedication, commitment and reliability were outstanding.

Clare Goldie – Director
Infrastructure & Telecommunications
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

about our director   

…she is very motivated and professional…

During my years working with her, she has proven to be honest, trustworthy and has high ethical standards and integrity.  She is very motivated and  professional in all regards. She always paid attention to obtaining the best product at optimum cost to the company.  

D.Morrey – Procurement Manager
Conlog Electronics

about our senior consultant  

…consistently excellent service…

In the five years I worked with him he managed technology innovation and provided consistently excellent service, actively seeking to achieve the highest standards with limited resources. He has wonderful interpersonal skills, maintaining high levels of efficiency even under stress and in the face of multiple deadlines.

Kathleen Cravero – Assistant Administrator and Director
Bureau fo Crisis Prevention and Recovery
United Nations Development Programme

about our director   

…she showed creativity and ingenuity…

Her performance during the exercise was exceptional.  Despite challenges, she was able to establish the Mission Co-ordination Center in just one day.  She showed creativity and ingenuity by giving the center structure, order and establishing operating procedures.  She built good relationships with everyone involved and demonstrated the ability to make a success out of a difficult situation through her willingness to lead and sheer hard work.

Cedric de Coning  – Programme Manager
United Nations / ACCORD – Exercise Blue Crane

about our senior consultant  

…accurate under pressure…

A very capable technical leader. His vision and skills place him well to provide guidance. His high level of commitment enables him to meet demand. Where there’s premium on detail he is accurate even under pressure. He has exemplary skills in planning and responsiveness and is an asset to any company he works with.

Lorne Murdoch – Coordinator Security, Web and Architecture
World Health Organization